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You own a tank water heater and are starting to have problems. There could be a number of issues, which might include the following. In an electric water heater, there may be leaks starting to occur at the top. This could be down to the valves and attachments not being tight enough. If there is a leak at the bottom of the hot water heater, this could be down to condensation or it could be something a lot more serious.  In this case, immediately get in contact with a reliable water heater.  If you live in Missouri TX, contact Plumping Missouri City.  They will send out skilled technicians who can quickly evaluate  your situation.  This could mean providing water heaters repair or replacement.

In gas water tank heaters, leaking at the top may again be down to loose valves, which may need tightening or replacing. Leaking at the bottom of a gas water heater may again be due to condensation and loose valves. If the tank is showing signs of corrosion, it will have to be replaced. Further problems with both electric and gas heaters might include having no hot water. There may be electrical problems with an electrical heater or problems with circuit breakers. The heating element may need to be changed or there may be a problem with the thermostat.  In a gas heater, check that there is gas supply and a pilot light. If you are worried and wondering, “is there a water heater repair near me?” then phone us.

Other Water Heater Problems

 There are a number of other possible problems. There could be a problem with the ignition systems in the gas heater.   Not having enough hot water in your tank could be down to faulty thermostats in either electric and gas water tanks. Too much cold water coming in may be a problem, plus the tanks may not big enough for your current needs. If the water is too hot, in either type of water tanks, this again is probably down to a faulty thermostat.  If the water is taking too long to heat up, this, too, could be due to a problem with the thermostat. Sediments may have started to build up in an electric heater.  There would be a similar problem in the gas heater water tank.

Further problems include rusty water, which is caused by corrosion in the water tank and a smell coming from the tank.  This would probably be caused by bacteria. A thorough cleaning by our water heaters repair technicians in Missouri TX, would be needed. From this list of problems, it would seem there are two approaches.  The first is that you call us to repair or replace a component–like a thermostat–or clean the tank. The second is that you look to replace and upgrade your water heating tank. Missouri is in a hard water part of Texas. Unless there are water softening chemicals in the water supply, calcium and magnesium deposit will coat the heating elements. This will decrease the efficiency of the water heater.

Water Heater Repair Near Me

If you live in Missouri TX, then it is easy to get in contact with us.  We provide a solution for a water tank heater or a tankless water heater. This will mean there will be none of the problems that have just been outlined. Your family will not have to “book a session” when there is enough hot water.  This will save a lot of space in your home.

Once installed you will quickly be able to recoup the initial installation outlay and save money.  There is an estimated 40% reduction in fuel bills.  Using a 50-gallon tank as an example, there is an estimated 30% increase in efficiency. The tankless water heater is, therefore, a more ecologically friendly solution. As already pointed out, a conventional water tank can be contaminated with bacteria, rust, debris, plus the water could be pretty hard.

In addition, the average home can store between 40 and 80 gallons of  water in a conventional water heater. This could be constantly kept hot if you have a large family.  Consequently, your water heating bill starts to match that of your winter heating or summer air-conditioning bill. The system is only turned on when it is needed, either using electric elements or gas burners. There are safe guards to make sure the water is not too hot when it comes out of the faucet or shower. The whole system needs little maintenance and can be expected to last between 15 and 20 years.

 Water Heater Repair Near Me

Water heater repair is is not the only service offered by Best Secured Plumping in Missouri TX.  We also provide a comprehensive range of plumping services. These include faucet repairs.  If your tap or faucet does not stop dripping or there is a leak, we can come round and deal with the problem.  You can have a water heater repair near me, and a lot more as well. You may be suffering from drainage problems. We will be able to find out what the problem is. There could be a blockage in a drainage pipe.  This may be due to tree roots cutting into the pipe. We have a special extension rod with a cutting device that can cut back any tree roots and allow the proper drainage of waste water. We can also “re-pipe” your whole property.  If you are suffering from continuous leaks, this may be due to corroding pipes. We can offer you the option of either using galvanized steel or “ACE DuraFlo” pipes.

Sewage pipes can corrode and get blocked.  If these are not dealt with effectively, they can lead to unpleasant consequences. We offer a “trenchless” solution. Instead of digging up the existing trench and replace the piping, the new piping is simply “fed” along the existing line. Hard water is a problem in much of Texas. This is down to the limestone and chalk bedrock.  It consists mainly calcium with some iron, potassium and magnesium. We can offer a domestic water softening system.